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Site Rules (Read 3231 times)

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Site Rules
Apr 18th, 2004 at 11:46am
Please also see Site Guidelines.

Stormfans.org Site Rules

These rules are in place to protect the members of the stormfans community and to insure that this forum remains a constructive, lively and welcoming place for all sports fans to engage in discussion. These rules will be enforced at all times and are non-negotiable.

1. Age, Gender and other Personal Information. Do not request this information from other members at any time. Do not offer this information to anyone at any time. This measure is in place to protect all our members, young and not-so-young, from unwanted harassment.

1a. Age, Gender and other Personal Information - Addenda. If you continually give out your information in an inappropriate manner (i.e. outside of the prescribed confines of the Marketplace section), you may be subject to Warnings and Banishment.

2. Email addresses. If you are underage, do not at any time post your email address. If you wish to contact another forum member directly via email, please send a request to the Administrator to forward your address to the other member. If you are underage and wish to exchange email addresses, please have your parent contact the Administrator.

This rule is suspended in the Marketplace forum section and for adult forum members only.

3. Personal attacks. Do not initiate or respond to personal attacks against another member of the forum. Of course, discussions and arguments can become heated and highly charged - this is expected on a public forum. What is not permissible is to resort to name calling, misquoting or other similar character assassinations.

4. Sexual and Inappropriate Comments. Do not engage in any discussions or post any messages that discuss the players or other forum members in sexual terms. Explicit, derogatory or degenerative comments will not be tolerated.

5. Posting "Flame Bait" posts and other "Troll" behavior. Posts that are intentionally confrontational, derogatory, and only designed to illicit non-constructive discussion and argument will not be tolerated.

Rules Infractions, Warnings and Banning

Please report any rule infractions you see to the Administrator. In your email, please reference the specific forum member and discussion thread you feel the infraction occurred.


If a forum member violates any of the above rules, the Administrator will email a private warning requesting that the infractions stop and giving the warned forum member the opportunity to defend themselves. Posting privileges will be suspended when the warning email is sent.

If after discussing the matter with the forum member the Administrator decides that the warned member has warranted it, the Administrator will ban that member from the forum.

Reinstatment to the Forum

Anyone banned from this forum may request to be reinstated 6 months after they were originally removed. If the Administrator agrees to reinstate the banned forum member, that person will be on a probation period during which the Administrator can re-ban them, for life, for any additional rule or guideline infractions. The probation period will be agreed to between the reinstated forum member and the Administrator and may be of differing lenght depending on the reinstated forum member.


[Edit 8/4/02 1:40 pm - fixed email address typo]

[Edit 8/4/02 2:40 pm - further typing clean up]

[Edit 8/5/02 10:00 am - altered paragraph 3 under "Rules Infractions, Warnings and Bannings" concerning email responses to the initial warning email. A warned member will be suspended not banned if they do not respond within 24 hours.

Moved the infraction reporting information and email under "Rules Infractions, Warnings and Bannings."

Specified "7" as the number of forum members for a banning review panel in paragraph 5 of "Rules Infractions, Warnings and Bannings.]

[ Edit 1/9/03 12:00 - changed the warning notification process to say that the person's posting privileges will be suspended when the warning is sent out. This is a change that was discussed on the board several months ago.

Item 4 - added rule about inappropriate sexual comments.]

[Edit 6/22/03 5:30 pm - removed Banishment Review language. Removed 24-hour deadline for a warned forum member to respond to the warning email. Added reinstatement policy. Updated rules where necessary for new forum. Added rule 5 about Flame and Troll posting]

[Edit 7/6/03 11:00 am - added 1a - rule concerning giving out personal information. Changed title of section to "Site Rules" instead of "Forum Rules" to extend these rules to all elements of the website, including the Chat]
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