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Site Guidelines (Read 5752 times)

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Site Guidelines
Apr 18th, 2004 at 11:47am
Please also see Site Rules.

Stormfans.org Site Guidelines

The following guidelines are not "rules," but all forum members are nonetheless strongly urged to consider them as they post to this forum. These guideline are, by and large, matters of internet convention and when followed produce an environment more condusive to lively and fun discussions. These guidelines are presented in no specific order and may be updated at any time. When updates occur, a notice will be posted in the Open Topics section.

1. Signature blocks. Many use the signature block as a place to include favorite quotes, a personal statement, an image, etc. Please keep signature blocks small with no more than 3 or lines of text. You can include images, but again keep them small and fast loading.

2. Responding to Flames and Trolls. When you post something that generates highly charged responses, attracts trolls and/or flame posts, either explain your original post further, apologize or simply ignore the other posters. DO NOT DELETE YOUR ORIGINAL POST. Deleting posts because you've been attacked is just as rude as posting something engineered to attract attacks.

3. Editing Posts. The forum's editing feature is currently enabled and allows members to edit their comments after they have been posted. Any time you edit one of your posts, please include a note at the bottom describing the edit. For example: (edit - typos). This is a courtesy to the other forum visitors informing them of why a post was changed. Seeing that a post has been edited but not knowing why can make reading the logical progression of a thread difficult.

4. Language Usage. Certain words are already filtered and will appear as ***** if you use them in your post. In general, refrain from using profanity, slurs or other inappropriate language. This is not a call for political correctness as there is an appropriate time and place (in the site owner's opinions) for all forms of language. The intent behind this guideline is to create an open and inclusive atmosphere, not to censor or inhibit discussion.

5. Posting in the appropriate section. The fourm is segmented into several subsections to help manage the amount of posts and group them with similar subject. Make sure when you start a new topic that it is in the appropriate section. Threads that are posted in the incorrect forum section will be moved to the correct one by with the Administrator or Moderators.

6. Talking versus Reading. In general, many of the instances of discussions going bad seem to come out of misunderstandings over the intent of a post. Obviously sarcasm, irony, some jokes and other figures of speech that rely on intonation or facial expression can be taken the wrong way in written form (check with Jonathan Swift and his "A Modest Proposal" for a lesson in how bad things can get for the satirical author). If a post is being interpreted in a manner other than what you intended (you are getting flamed in response), restate it in a follow up post or edit the original post (with accompanying edit note of course).

7. Heated Discussion. Arguments happen and can get hot to the point of flaming. If you find yourself in the middle of such a discussion, just remember to not let it get personal. If you think things are getting out of hand, inform the Administrator.

8. Member Responsibilities. It is your responsibility as a member of this Forum or participator in the Chat to report any Rules or Guideline infractions to the Moderators or Administrator immediately.

9. Chat Registrations. In order to be registered for our Live Chat feature:

a/ You must be a current member of the Forum

b/ You must supply the Administrator via email with a valid email address (not a hotmail, msn, yahoo or other free and anonymous email service), your full name and the username you wish to use on the chat.

c/ You must agree, via email, to the Site Rules and Guidelines.

Guideline Infractions and Warnings

Please report any guideline infractions you see to the Administrator. In your email, please reference the specific forum member and discussion thread you feel the infraction occurred.


The Administrator will contact the indicated forum member and request that they discontinue or change their posting behavior.

A forum member will not be banned for not following these guidelines, unless it becomes a chronic problem and the forum member ignores the Administrator's requests to change their posting behavior.

The same review process that is outlined in the Rules section applies to any forum member being banned due to Guideline infractions.


The views, statements, information and images contained in this web site are not endorsed, supported or supplied by the WNBA, the Seattle Storm, Seattle Sonics & Storm, the Basketball Club of Seattle, or any employee of those organizations.


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