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Navigating the Forum (Read 2061 times)

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Navigating the Forum
Apr 19th, 2004 at 4:50pm
There are several tools in the Forum window that will allow you to navigate through the sections and topics.

Main Forum Page

Navigation Tree
(visible on all pages)
At the top of each window, there is always a navigation "tree" that shows you where you are. You can go back up to a higher level by using this "tree"

View the 10 most recent posts

This will open a new window listing the last 10 posts. To go to the thread in which any of the messages were posted, click on the topic title in the green header above the message.

Individual Forum sections

Mark Topics as Read

This appears at the top right and bottom right of the forum message list. Click on this will remove the "new" tag from all topics. This also appears on the main Forum page in white text in the bottom yellow bar of the window. It is somewhat hidden in this case so that you don't accidentally click on it.

Pages 1 2 3

When there are more topics in a particular forum than can fit in one screen, additional pages will be added to the topic list. The newest topics will be on page one and at the top of the list. The oldest will be on the last page.

Forum Jump menu

This is a menu at the bottom of the page (also appears on the individual topic pages) that gives you a menu of all the individual forums. Click on it and then scroll to the forum you want to jump to.

Individual Topic pages

Previous topic | Next topic

At the top and bottom of the message window on the right side, navigates to the next or previous topic in the topic list

Pages < 1 2 3 >

For multipage threads, you can either click on:
1 2 3 the page number to go to that page
> to go to the next page
< to go to the previous page
to go to the last page
to go to the first page

Back to Top

This appears on the left side of the forum window under the forum member's avatar and total number of posts. Clicking on it will take you to the top of the current thread window.
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