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After the game, the Jet City Improv troupe performs for about 100 people. These guys are pretty funny. If you’ve seen “Who’s Line is It?” you’ll get the idea. The crowd yells out words and the comedians incorporate the words into a story or song. As an added bonus, three of the Storm join in and “help” out.

The first act involves the Jet City folks only and has several of them telling a story in which each person has to pick up where another leaves off when they are pointed at. It sounds complicated but it works. You have to give it to these people, they can think fast.

The first Storm player to join in is Semeka. She is a “backup singer” for the “Orlando Booster club.” They have to sing songs when they lose, so the groups sings a blues song, some heavy metal and tops it off with opera. As we all know, Semeka can project when she wants to (during the game she ripped out a yell that was louder than the crowd), and she belts out what you might call music. She really hams it up during the opera segment, wearing a ratty yellow wig. As she leaves the stage, we hear her say “I’m sticking to basketball.”

Charmin comes on next and is part of a three-person Mr. Know-it-All that answers questions from the audience, only each person can say just one word at a time. She keeps up with the two Jet City people, she is a civil engineer after all. Someone asks Mr. Know-it-All about Bush’s environmental plan. Charmin takes the opportunity to get in couple of digs (mostly by repeating the word “nothing” and adding a note about “Florida”).

Simone is last and is part of a “dubbed” foreign language movie reenactment (this may have been a “you had to be there” moment, but that’s what improv is all about). She and two of the Jet City guys act out a movie only speaking gibberish while two other people speak the English translation. Of course, at one point in the movie, Simone has to do a dance to prove her worthiness to obtain a mystical sneaker. She is always dancing, whether she has a reason or not.

After the Storm players depart, the small crowd dwindles. The troupe finishes off with a story in which the person controlling the pace can stop the actor at any point and reverse the action. The actor then has to retrace their steps. It looks extremely difficult, and the controller seems to take a weird glee in making the actors repeat sounds or words over and over. Hey, repetition is a key to comedy, right?

Jet City was very funny, and it was great to see the players ham it up.