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First off, we need to acknowledge Buca di Beppo and Carron Harris for donating a ton of pizza, garlic bread and other goodies for this event. Angie and I had planned on bringing pizza, but Carron insisted on donating it herself. If you haven't tried Buca di Beppo pizza, you are missing out. It was great and easily a match for any pizza in the city. Everyone that attended the Viewing Party appreciated the gesture.

Attended by about 35 people, this event is being held in a large conference room at the Storm's main offices on Elliott. We watch the last meeting of the season between the Storm and the Sparks on an immense projection tv. The crowd is primarily made up by some of the "regulars" – the core group of fans that go to every event, along with some new faces. Since the Storm aren't charging anything, we know that this isn't a money maker for them. But, the one thing that does happen that can only mean good things for the organization is that a larger and larger group of fans is starting to come together in an organized fashion. What this team and organization needs is fans that do more than come to the Key, sit on their hands, scream only when Doppler is out there tossing t-shirts around, and then leaves promptly at the end of the game (if they don't file out early). Anyway, it's cool that some of the Storm fans are starting to gel together.

Since this isn't a full Gameday report (we only do those if someone who attends the game writes a report), I'm not going to go into a lot of details. However, as you probably are aware if you saw this game, there are some things that need to be covered.

Gary "I miss reffing the pee wee games" Zielinksi. This man is the epitome of what is wrong with the officiating in the WNBA. My God, how can he and his brain-damaged cohorts have so utterly miscalled this game? Kamila Vodickova was hit so hard by Mabika that she had blood running out of her hand as she clutched her face. 6 stitches is the official report. And what was Gary "My head is so far up my ass that I can see myself think" Zielinkski's explanation to Coach Dunn – one of Kamila's own players came over her back and committed the injury. The replay completely shows that Mabika is the one who went over the back of not only Kamila but also a second Storm player. If fines aren't passed out on this play, I'll lose some respect for the WNBA. If Gary "And they said the Lasik surgery would clear my vision" Zielinkski even steps on the court of ANY playoff game – I will not watch it. I will go so far as to encourage all basketball fans to boycott any televised game in which this idiot is a referee. And, the next time he comes to KeyArena, he better bring some earplugs because he is going to be hearing it from me and, hopefully, everyone else.

If that whole sequence wasn't enough to have all of us jumping out of our chairs screaming in vain at the big screen, then came Lisa "Jordan Rules" Leslie.

In her conversation with Lauren during the Fantasy Camp, LD mentioned that if we went down to LA for this game, we'd probably end up in jail and the players would have had to bail us out.

I can guarantee we would have been behind bars.

Lisa "I am the source of all that is Evil" Leslie. I sit here quivering with righteous indignation just typing her name. In the last sequence where she fouled Michelle Marciniak up to 4 times in a 5 or 6 second time span that finished with Lisa "Go ahead and give me the trophy now since I'm so beautiful and talented" Leslie trying to tear off 3M's head, all I could do was stare with my mouth hanging open in complete shock (after screaming incoherently). If that had been any other player, there would have been a flagrant foul and most probably an ejection. When Leslie dove at 3M's back, she didn't go for the ball, she went for Michelle's head. Period.

When Leslie dove on top of Michelle, 3M had her back to Lisa and had the ball under her midsection. Leslie wrapped her arms around Michelle's head and pulled back. If the WNBA does not charge Lisa "You are all insects to me" Leslie some kind of fine or even, hope beyond hope, suspend her, I will lose all respect for the WNBA management. The way to get respect from sports fans is not to allow the same garbage that is rampant in the MNBA and chalk it up to physical play. Screw physical play. Tell Kamila that physical play is a normal and accepted part of the WNBA. Have the guts to admit that your players aren't the testosterone-popping, hyper-aggressive, ego-bloated adolescents in the NBA and do something now about this behavior before it becomes the norm.

Lastly, there was the broadcast itself. More than one person in the group yelled "Shut up!" at David Locke during the game. He, like the rest of the Seattle media, seems to have written off the Storm as a lost cause. What happened to being biased towards the home team? The last straw was when they did the "Suite Play of the Game," paid for by Northwest Suites, one of the Storm sponsors. Did they find a spectacular Storm play to showcase? No. They showed Dixon doing two crossover dribbles to break down Simone's defense on the way to the basket. Thanks a lot dumbasses.

Don't let all this vitriolic anger overpower the fact that those who attended the viewing party enjoyed getting together to watch the game. It was so much better to watch a game with a group as opposed to watching it at home. Hopefully, the Storm will start doing this for every game that is televised next season