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©2010 was recently given the opportunity to speak to Lauren Jackson one-on-one after a Storm practice. Because of time constraints, LD (also known as Stormrocks on the Stormfans Forum) had just a few minutes to ask Lauren some questions. Here is LD’s report of the conversation.

Before I (LD) got out the tape recorder, I asked Lauren about physical play being rougher in the WNBA vs other leagues and what she attributes that to. She said she could only compare it to the WNBL. She said that all the players in the WNBA can focus their energy on playing basketball whereas in the WNBL the players have to work at other jobs to make enough money to live. I asked her what she did outside of basketball there, if she had a job. She said that she’s studying Business Management at La Trobe University at Wodonga.

(the tape recorder begins)

LD: Van Chancellor, among others, has called you one of the top five players in the world. Where do you rank yourself?

LJ: At the moment I probably wouldn’t call myself one of the top five players in the world but hopefully one day I’ll get there. You know, I’m only 20, there’s lots of years, I’ve got a whole 15 years ahead of me in the WNBA. I love to play and hopefully I will be there in the top five in the world.

LD: I’m going to put you on the spot. Who are your top five?

LJ: My top five right now would be Lisa Leslie, definitely she would be, as much as I hate to say it. She’s got game, but she’s got an attitude. But she would be one of them. Right now? Big names right now?

LD: Sheryl Swoopes?

LJ: She’s not playing right now.

LD: I would put Janeth up there.

LJ: Yeah, Janeth Arcain definitely. Tina Thompson.

LD: Holdsclaw?

LJ: No. Not Holdsclaw.

LD: Anybody off the Liberty?

LJ: Well, I believe I can only really put post players in my top five because I’ve only played against the post players. So my top five post players would be Tari Phillips. I don’t like saying that either, she’s a really physical dirty player and I think internationally with the referees and all around the world she probably wouldn’t get away with near as much as what she does here. But I’d have to say her. Lisa Leslie. Tina Thompson. Natalie Williams. And… ummm, I don’t know.

LD: Yolanda?

LJ: Yolanda Griffith. Yeah.

LD: I’ll agree with that.

LJ: Laughs.

LD: So what are your plans for the off-season?

LJ: I’m going home. Look after my grandmother, she got put back in hospital yesterday. She’s going to have a surgery. I’m just gonna take a chill. I’m just gonna relax for a little while. I’ve got nine weeks probably off and yeah, I’m not doing much after that. I’m playing in the off-season in Australia as well.

LD: Who are you going to play for?

LJ: Canberra Capitals.

LD: Going back?

LJ: Yeah.

LD: OK, I don’t know how much of this you can answer. Since you’re under a one-year contract are you definitely planning on being back in Seattle next year?

LJ: Yeah, I think so. I think I’ll definitely be coming back to Seattle next year. It’s a one-year contract option only. So yeah.

LD: Is there anything you just wanted to say to the people at the website?

LJ: Just thank you for supporting all of us. I think it’s a really important part of the Seattle Storm as a whole group of people just to have fans that, like that, who are really into it and know what they’re talking about and who are really motivated. That’s a really good base to have for us to build a support network in Seattle. And I just want to say thank you to everybody.

We would like to thank Lauren for giving us a few minutes of her time and the Storm for allowing us access to the practice.