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by Michele [a superfan if there ever was one - Scott]

Here is a little day-by-day summary of what went on in San Antonio.


My mom and I left to go to San Antonio and the plane was delayed and so there we were in Dallas running through the airport to get to our flight. As I walked down the aisle to my seat I noticed the passanger make up of the plane was about 95% UConn fans. There were three Lady Vol fans and the other people were Division I, II, and III coaches. Everyone was nice to each other and joked around. The flight attendants even joked "Would anyone like to volunteer to help us out."

We arrived at the San Antonio airport only to notice that Missy Bequette had also been on our flight. On the way to the hotel I saw Lisa Stone (Drake) jogging with her assistant coach. We made it to the hotel, which was filled with UConn fans, and I saw someone with a final four shirt that I liked and we went to go to the store where they sold those shirts. We took a wrong turn and as just as we could see the store, the UCONN team (except for Bird, Cash and Taurasi) were getting off their bus and they walked into a restaurant. Since I was hungry we also went into the restaurant and sat at the table next to them. They were up and dancing and singing less than 24 hours before the Tennessee game. I told the manager that I would pay their bill because they had more important things to worry about than the bill of Pizza Hut. When they found out that I paid their bill they all came over and thanked me and we took some pictures and I wished them luck (like they needed it, they were 37-0), and then we all left. Later that night we walked down the river walk and saw Van Chancellor eating dinner with Greg Williams, Bev Smith of the WNIT champs Oregon, and Carolyn Peck.

Friday - Semifinal Game Day

I woke up and decided to go to the mall and accidentally walked into the Tennessee hotel (I had NEVER see so much orange before) and bumped into Tamika Catchings. The Alamodome was huge and it was decorated very nicely. I immediately saw Nell Fortner and Robin Roberts doing their TV show and went over to say hi. The first game was good but many people came in as the game was ending because they really just wanted to see UCONN-Tenn. That game surprised me because I like close games, but itwasn't close at all. A lot of people left about half way through the second half.


I went to get the newspaper and almost lost my breakfast when I saw an article titled, "WNBA star Lisa Leslie models the many aspects of success." It talked about her being "red-hot" and a "role model." While walking downtown I walked into the parking lot of the Lady Vol hotel and saw the team signing autographs before they got on the bus to go back home. Apparently they wanted to stay but Coach Summitt said they had to go home because they couldn't miss school. Later that afternoon, the WBCA college all stars played the WNBA all-stars (Team USA). Just about every WNBA team was there to take a look at the seniors. The senior all-stars included Danielle Crockram, Meredith Eisenhut, Linda Frohlich, Shaunzinski Gortman, Zuzi Klimesova, Kelly Komara, Sheila Lambert, Brandi McCain, Lauri McIntosh, Tramaine Paul, Nikki Teasley, Ayana Walker, Angie Welle, Lindsay Yamasaki and Michelle Snow. On the WNBA all-star team there was Tamika Catchings, Tamecka Dixon, Shannon Johnson, Merlakia Jones, Lisa Leslie, Tari Phillips, Ruth Riley, Katie Smith, Dawn Staley, Sheryl Swoopes and Natalie Williams. The game was good except for what happened with Sheila Lambert (and if you ask me it is all Lisa Leslie's fault). Two players that really impressed me that day: Zuzi Klimesova for her personality and Ayana Walker for her play. Ayana Walker played defense against Lisa Leslie and for lack of a better phrase was on her like white on rice. During the timeouts Lin Dunn would talk and ask players questions like "Do you know I have the #1 pick in the upcoming draft?" or "How do you like Seattle?" The best part was when she went to Pat Summitt (who was sitting next to Michelle Marciniak) and said "What do you think of the score?" (It was 70-40 with the WNBA all-stars winning.) Pat said something like "It kinda looks like the score from last night and I couldn't leave then but I am leaving now." And then she left. I also saw Ruthie Bolton-Holifield at the game. At dinner that night I spotted Doris Burke having dinner with Michele Tofoya and I also saw Vera Jones chatting with Asjha Jones' family on the riverwalk.

Easter Sunday - The Big Game

On the elevator, on our way to church, this old man said to this young girl wearing an Oklahoma t-shirt, "Your men's team lost last night and your women will lose tonight," and he got off the elevato. The poor girl was upset but I couldn't help but laugh. Just like everywhere else, the church was filled with UCONN fans and everyone was praying for them to win. At brunch I saw Anne Donovon and a little later I saw Wendy Larry on the riverwalk. Later that night was the game and it was great. It was a little nerve wracking at some moments, but when Diana Taurasi backed in and Dales fouled her and fouled out I knew the game was over. It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

Some notes about the Final Four

I would recommend that everyone go, even if you don't have tickets because you could scalp them or watch the game in the hotel. The game is such a little part of the whole weekend. If you do ever go always be on the lookout because basketball personalities are everywhere. I never went anywhere without my camera (I have tons of pics if anyone wants to see them.)